Ninja had always been a part of legends.
Invisible and silent warriors dumped governments
and erected the throne of emperors. These Japanese secret agents
had unique abilities which made them almost unbreakable.
But how did these superheroes gain
their supernatural abilities?
Ninja House Attraction —
is a two-story house built in identity with the buildings
of Edo period (Japan, 16-18 century), in which ninja trained their supernatural abilities.

It is designed to change your feeling of space and gravity, allowing you to do the things unrealistic in real life - walking on the wall without even holding your hands, sliding the zip line not down but up, to defeat the stronger opponent in armwrestling and so on.

Once you enter the house, you will feel very unusual and fun in the way you had never experienced before.

And yes, you must know, that in Ninja House you can not do the things that are easy to make in everyday life. For example ... easily walk in a straight line :)

Ninja House in Japan